Alice Notley on Video for The Poetry Center, 1976–2012

And yes, the image is degraded, though what is there (the poetry, the performance) comes thru. It’s curious, to me, how the degraded image isn’t just a “poor” image — I’m writing up now my remarks from the Oakland conference last October on a half dozen Poetry Center videos of Alice Notley: have to listen to what I said there and come up with some kind of transcription. There’s a poet’s measure of seeing video that’s very different from the consumer model of quality control, sharpness, fidelity.
—to Patrick Durgin, June 9, 2015, on a 1983 video recording of Hannah Weiner

A transcription of a talk at the “Alette in Oakland” celebration of Alice Notley and her work, held in late October 2014, sponsored by the Bay Area Public School, at Omni Oakland Commons. The proceedings of the three-day symposium will be published by Hearts Desire Press, who also brought out Notley’s book Manhattan Luck.

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